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Undergraduates to showcase research at annual symposium

Thu, 04/25/2013

LAWRENCE — More than 90 undergraduates at the University of Kansas will present research at the 16th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium starting at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 27, in the Kansas Union.

“The symposium is for all KU students interested in research” says John Augusto, director for the Center for Undergraduate Research. “This is the culminating event for student research across the campus. In addition to the oral and poster presentations, we will have poetry readings and students panels about getting involved with research.”

The Symposium is sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. In addition, the Symposium is supported by KU’s chapter of Sigma XI, an international research society, as well as the University Honors Program, the McNair Scholars Program and the Office for Diversity in Science Training.

The event will end with a banquet and the awarding of the K. Barbara Schowen Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.

A list of student presenters is provided below. A full symposium program is on the Center’s website.


Alahna Broadway
Invasive species: introduction methods, impact, control methods


Kyle Patterson
The Magnet or the Men?: Path Dependence and Political Polarization Through the Prism of National Budgetary Disputes

Adviser: Michael Lynch, Political Science


William Wright
Bio-Acoustical Neuromodulation for Fear and Excessive Anxiety Reduction

Adviser: Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology          

The Effects of Stress-related Noradrenergic Changes on Attentional Selection and Flexible Thought

Adviser: Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology



Joseph Kellum

Cooperation of L-Type and Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Ca2+ Channels in Prolonging U-46619-Induced Vascular Contraction

Adviser: James Orr, Molecular Biosciences



Marcus Florez

Analysis of Mitochondrial Haplotypes, APOE and TOMM40 Genotype with Alzheimer's Disease

Adviser: Elias Michaelis, Pharmacology and Toxicology



Sophia Hilleary

Designing for an Unstructured Play Experience

Adviser: Richard Branham, Design


Rachael Snider

Abortion Rhetoric and the Media

Adviser: Dave Tell, Communication Studies



Stoney Weaver

Fallen Idols

Adviser: Scott Jenkins, Philosophy

Hometown: Cherryvale



Lindsay Astleford

The Functional Role of Y201 in the Human Steroidogenic Cytochrome P450 17A1 Enzyme

Adviser: Emily Scott, Medicinal Chemistry



Corinne Edds
Intracellular Calcium Level Changes in Cultured Neurons through Live Cell Calcium Imaging In Response to Thromboxane A2

Adviser: James Orr, Molecular Biosciences



Kayci Vickers

Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Over Prefrontal Cortex for Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving

Adviser: Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology

Hometown: Eudora 



Holly Lafferty
The Effects of Nutritional Stress on Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratios in Minnows
Adviser: James Thorp, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



Christopher Farley

Unit Cohesion: The Undiscussed Contributor to the My Lai Massacre

Adviser: Adrian Lewis, History



Erin Fulton
Secular Repertoire in American Dispersed-Harmonic and Reform Tunebooks, 1820-1850

Adviser: Paul Laird, Music


Rubie Peters

How Locus of Control Relates to One’s Knowledge and Perception of Evolution

Adviser: Patricia Hawley, Psychology      



Cynthia Brown

College Living Arrangements and Body Dissatisfaction: The Case for Males

Adviser: Ric Steele, Psychology



Brendan Allen

Displaced Inspiration: How exposure into the unfamiliar galvanizes creative energy

Adviser: Megan Kaminski, English



Andrew Jamison

An ERP Study of Number Prediction in Noun Phrases

Advisers: Ruth Ann Atchley, Psychology and Robert Fiorentino, Linguistics



Evan Reznicek

Analysis of Thermoelectric Devices as a Means of Condensing and Retaining Moisture

Adviser: Christopher Depcik, Mechanical Engineering



Tyler Darland
The Role of Mical within the UNC-6/Netrin signaling pathway

Adviser: Erik Lundquist, Molecular Biosciences



Jennifer Mendez

An evaluation of Fasciclin 3 (Fas3) as a core component of the septate junction of Drosophila melanogaster

Adviser: Robert Ward, Molecular Biosciences



Jenny Curatola
Performing Paley

Advisers: Cheryl Lester, English & American Studies and Leslie Bennett, Theatre



Cody Alley

An analysis of environmental factors contributing to the successful population growth of Sceliphron caementarium

Adviser: Robert Ward, Molecular Biosciences


Matthew Behymer

Investigating the Tight Junction Modulatory Activity of EC-4 Hexapeptides from E-cadherin

Adviser: Teruna Siahaan, Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Kirsten King

Impacts of Teleconnection Patterns on Relative Spatial Distribution of Spring Tornadoes in the Contiguous U.S.

Adviser: Johannes Feddema, Geography


Robert Knight

Delay Circuit for Doppler Shift Simulation

Adviser: Christopher Allen, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Jordan Koch

Algorithms for Calculating Pattern Class Probabilities on Phylogenetic Trees

Adviser: Mark Holder, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Alex Kong
Evaluating the mechanism of α-tocopherol-mediated recovery of lysosomal impairments in neurodegenerative diseases

Adviser: Jeff Krise, Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Wing Yan Lau

Interpreting Conflicting Performance in a Masculine Domain: A Shifting Standards Approach

Adviser: Monica Biernat, Psychology


Sebastian Schöneich
The role of CDH-4 in neuroblast migration in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Adviser: Erik Lundquist, Molecular Biosciences


Myette Simpson

Understanding Spine Range of Motion in Correlation to Body Mass Index of Children

Adviser: Elizabeth A. Friis, Mechanical Engineering


Kenneth Stowe

The Rhetoric of Christian Identity: Myth and Paranoia

Adviser: Robert Rowland, Communication Studies


Rodolfo Torres-Gavosto

Derivatization of the azulenic framework along its molecular axis for self-assembly on gold surfaces

Adviser: Mikhail V. Barybin, Chemistry


Kel Woods

Echoes Through the Haze

Adviser: Megan Kaminski, English


Amy Zheng

Surface Wave Propagation

Adviser: David Besson, Physics and Astronomy



Rachel Brown
Assessing Preschool Children’s Knowledge of Complex Nouns from a Logico-Semantic Perspective

Adviser: Utako Minai, Linguistics



Sarah Bregman

Constructing Security on Jeju Island: An Analysis of Elite Rhetoric

Adviser: John Kennedy, Political Science & Global and International Studies



Julia Yang

Estimating populations of Osha, Ligusticum porteri, an important medicinal plant of the Southwest U.S.

Adviser: Kelly Kindscher, Environmental Studies



Eric Adell

The effect of stress and vowel quality on L2 Spanish learners’ perception of /d/ and /r/

Adviser: Jie Zhang, Linguistics


Rachel Bruursema

Bio-Acoustical Neuromodulation for Phobia and Excessive Anxiety Reduction

Adviser: Nancy Hamilton, Psychology; Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology


Daniel Kennedy

Design and Deployment of the Askaryan Radio Array South Pole Autonomous Renewable Power Stations

Adviser: Dave Besson, Physics and Astronomy


Haley Robb

Depression and Coping Mechanisms

Adviser: Rick Ingram, Psychology


Kayla Sale
Comparing stomatal characters in glacial and modern conifer leaves

Adviser: Joy Ward, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology   


Spyros Siscos

Computerized Neurocognitive Assessment Tests and Detection of the Malingering Athlete

Adviser: Phillip Vardiman, Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences


Jackson Young

X-Ray Studies Of The Pixel Readout For The CMS Detector

Adviser: Alice Bean, Physics and Astronomy



Paul Thomas
Archaeological Survey of Center Chapel, Franklin County Kansas

Adviser: Philip Stinson, Classics



Jason Bates
Mesoporous Solid Acid Catalysts for Alcohol Dehydration

Adviser: Bala Subramaniam, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


Lauren Beesley

Dynamics and Detection of Mead's Milkweed

Adviser: Helen Alexander, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Danse Bi

Application of Hetero-Michael Pathways for the Synthesis of Sultam Libraries

Adviser: Paul Hanson, Chemistry


Joshua Dean
Identifying Factors Affecting Student Transition from Primary to Secondary Education in Selected Developing Countries

Adviser: Elizabeth Asiedu, Economics


Brad Fasbinder

Bio-Acoustical Neuromodulation for Fear and Excessive Anxiety Reduction

Adviser: Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology


Garrett Fugate

The Creation of Sacred Islamic Spaces out of non-Islamic Buildings

Adviser: Kapila D. Silva, Architecture


Jennifer Geller
Bejeweled Bones: Examining shrines and the holy dead in the Medieval Christian tradition

Adviser: Kathryn Gerry, History of Art


Mitchell Newton

Utilizing Microdialysis to Monitor Biomarkers In Vivo through Capillary Electorphoresis

Adviser: Craig Lunte, Chemistry


Haley McKee

The Relationship between Sports Involvement and Spine Flexibility in Adolescents

Adviser: Dr. Elizabeth Friis, Mechanical Engineering


Joseph Siess

The Reconstruction of the Moroccan Jewish Identity From the French Protectorate to Moroccan Independence: 1912-1956

Adviser: Marie Grace Brown, History


Elizabeth Sims

Obsession: Body Alteration and Modification

Adviser: Maria Velasco, Visual Art


Ryan Smith
Concerning Hobbits: The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and the Trauma of the 19th/20th Century Transition in English Culture
Adviser: Mary Klayder, English


Christopher Trezza
The Genetics of the Maintenance of Single-Celled Tube Diameter in C. elegans

Adviser: Matthew Buechner, Molecular Biosciences

Samuel Wester

The Chelyabinsk Event: A Sobering Reminder

Adviser: Adrian Melott, Physics and Astronomy



Allison Brewer

Acetic Acid Off-Gassing in Clamshell Enclosures

Adviser: Whitney Baker, KU Libraries



Erin Reid

Separation Optimization of L-DOPA and its Metabolites Using Microchip Electrophoresis with Electrochemical Detection

Adviser: Susan Lunte, Chemistry



Rena Detrixhe

Bring to the Table

Adviser: Cima Katz, Visual Art



Elizabeth Jarvis

Lethal phase and phenotypic analyses of a collection of prepupal lethal mutations in Drosophila melanogaster

Adviser: Robert Ward, Molecular Biosciences


Alexandria Roy

Identification of miR-137 Targets in Colon Cancer

Adviser: Liang Xu, Molecular Biosciences


Kyle Whitaker

Bio-Acoustical Neuromodulation for Fear and Excessive Anxiety Reduction

Adviser: Evangelia Chrysikou, Psychology



Jamie Branch

Tension-Displacement Properties of the Posterior Cruciate Ligament at Maximum Extension Angles

Adviser: Lorin Maletsky, Mechanical Engineering


Samuel Long

Characterizing subcomplex formation in septate junction biogenesis in Drosophila embryonic tissues

Adviser: Robert Ward, Molecular Biosciences


Arianna Morgart

Gender and Maternal Responsivity as Factors in Number of Conversational Turns in Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities

Adviser: Nancy Brady, Speech-Language-Hearing


Timothy Turkalo

Ewing’s sarcoma protein EWS regulates skeletogenesis

Adviser: Mizuki Azuma, Molecular Biosciences



Devin Lasley

Employing a Sports Psychology Perspective to Assess an Athlete's Experience Competing in a 100-Mile Race

Adviser: Mary Fry, Health, Sport, and Exercise Science



Kimberly Cole

Rotary Task Moment Analysis of the Lower Extremity after Total Knee Arthroplasty

Adviser: Lorin Maletsky, Mechanical Engineering


Bonnie Ewart-Fisher

Sexuality in Early Modern Japanese Society Through the Works of Saikaku

Adviser: Maggie Childs, East Asian Languages and Cultures


Alexander Fondaw

Identifying Inhibitors of ZipA Through Computational and Biochemical Screening

Adviser: John Karanicolas, Bioinformatics


Benjamin Hofmeier

Vernier Reaction Control System Reboost Translational Maneuver of the Hubble Space Telescope During STS-82

Adviser: Steven Hawley, Physics & Astronomy




Katherine Evans

How word-frequency influences word-learning

Adviser: Michael Vitevitch, Psychology



Liza Tauscher

Diversity Oriented Synthesis Strategies to Benzofused Sultam Libraries:  Discovery of Small Molecule Modulators of Biological Pathways

Adviser: Paul Hanson, Chemistry



Allen Schaidle

Understanding Cultural Intelligence and Nurturing Global Consciousness

Adviser: Joe O'Brien , Curriculum and Teaching



Joe Krentz
Tibetan Vernacular and the Contemporary City

Adviser: Kapila Silva, Architecture



Ian Cook

Hometown: Lafayette, LA



Mallory Eddy

Depression and Coping Mechanisms

Adviser: Rick Ingram, Psychology



Michael Burch
The Studio Pod: An Architectural Investigation of a Live/Work/Study Cubicle
Adviser: Kapila Silva, Architecture.



Samantha Brunker

A Broad-Band Photometric Survey of the Open Cluster NGC 7789

Adviser: Bruce Twarog, Physics and Astronomy


Mariah Trevizo

New Orleans Culinary Incubator: Experience, Integrate, Create

Adviser: Shannon Criss, Architecture      



Robert Healey

Lightweight Amplifiers for Acoustic Measurement and Electro-Acoustic systems

Adviser: Bob Coffeen, Architecture

Hometown: Kirkwood, MO             



Nilam Patel
Investigation of Biochemical Changes in Seizure Affected Brain Tissue
Adviser: Elias Michaelis, Pharmacology and Toxicology



Henry Clever

Imaging Thin Films of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Adviser: Sarah L. Kieweg, Mechanical Engineering



Margaret Witzke
Sitayana Gonna Say Something?

Adviser: Hamsa Stainton, Religious Studies



Brenna Paxton

Adviser: Jeremy Shellhorn, Design



Bryce Tappan

Mapping of Four Indigenous Tawahka Communities

Adviser: Peter Herlihy, Geography



Matthew Visser

United States Intervention in Africa: The Legality of Building Nations

Adviser: Sharon O’Brien, Global & International Studies




Mohan Zhang

Automated Microfluidic Femtoliter Array for Quantitative ELISA at the Attomolar Level
Adviser: Yong Zeng, Chemistry



Alyssa Ong

Alternative Breaks: Their Impact on Students’ Perceptions, Attitudes and Behaviors

Adviser: Catherine Schwoerer, Business



Haider Tarar

Designing Optimum Protein-Excipient Interactions using Molecular Docking Simulations

Adviser: Kyle Camarda, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering



Mugabi Byenkya
E-waste: A necessary means to an end?

Adviser: Byron Caminero-Santangelo, English & Environmental Studies


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