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Tue, 07/16/2024

Researcher fleshes out portrait of English nobleman Esmé Stuart

Although he was a confidant of Britain's King James I and he succeeded his brother as Duke of Lennox, history seemed to have forgotten Esmé Stuart. So a KU professor delved into old records to learn more about him.
Mon, 07/15/2024

New book reveals how roads and vehicles transformed colonial societies across Africa

In a new book, Andrew Denning, associate professor of history at the University of Kansas, uncovers how vehicles and the roads they traveled upon began to transform societies across 19th and 20th century Africa … but rarely in the manner colonizing Europeans expected.
Wed, 07/10/2024

Kansans help expand trombone repertoire with new recording

A new recording by KU School of Music faculty members Michael Davidson and Ellen Sommer also features contributions from musicians and music educators from across the state.
Mon, 07/08/2024

‘Overlooked’ peoples’ influence on Colonial Spanish America examined in new book

Robert Schwaller, professor of history, co-edited a new book titled “Overlooked Places and Peoples: Indigenous and African Resistance in Colonial Spanish America, 1500-1800.” It offers new insight into how and why the inhabitants of these places responded contentiously or cooperatively to Spanish colonialism.
Tue, 06/25/2024

Globe-trotting trumpet professor featured in Spanish Olympics fanfare

Musical talent, hard work and networking take Stephen Leisring around the world — recently to Madrid, where he played first trumpet on a piece for Radio Television Española's upcoming coverage of the Paris Olympics.
Thu, 06/06/2024

KU Libraries announce 2024 Whayne Scholars; visiting researchers’ presentations set for June 26

Alyssa Cole, assistant professor of African American studies at the University of Florida, and Brooke Thomas, African American history postdoctoral scholar at Pennsylvania State University, are the recipients of the 2024 Alyce Hunley Whayne Visiting Researchers Travel Award from KU Libraries. They will visit KU from June 24 to 27 with a joint public presentation at 3 p.m. June 26 in the Johnson Room.
Tue, 06/04/2024

Lifelong learner is intergenerational visual art educator, advocate

Liz Langdon joined the faculty of KU's Department of Visual Art when she was 65 after an extensive career in art education. She writes of the "long hill" she has climbed and vistas yet to conquer for a chapter in a new book titled "Art Education and Creative Aging: Older Adults as Learners, Makers, and Teachers of Art."
Tue, 05/28/2024

Spain still struggles over interpretation of its Golden Age

To understand the separatist movements and other political forces that threaten to break Spain apart, it is instructive to see how all sides spin the nation’s Golden Age literary heritage today. That is the premise of the new book “The Currency of Cultural Patrimony: The Spanish Golden Age” by KU author Robert Bayliss.
Wed, 04/24/2024

Study shows long-standing links among disease, race, class, infrastructure

Links – both real and imagined – between race and disease are far older than the COVID-19 pandemic. A University of Kansas researcher says her new study of a 19th-century Cuban aqueduct project during a cholera outbreak demonstrates this.
Fri, 04/12/2024

Extensive project, new book reveal monument to inflation in Roman times

Philip Stinson, associate professor of classics at the University of Kansas, has detailed a 50-year project translating Emperor Diocletian’s edict of maximum prices to “curb the rampant greed of retailers.” Stinson helped provide an architectural reconstruction of the full decree, which lists the prices allowed for a comprehensive array of goods and services.
Thu, 03/28/2024

Pianist Eddie Moore pursues a pure vision

A Kansas City musician and lecturer in the School of Music, Eddie Moore has released a new solo live recording, "Aperture."
Tue, 03/12/2024

Digital scholarship illuminates life of important medieval poet

A fresh round of digital scholarship has revealed new information about the family and London network of late-medieval poet Thomas Hoccleve.
Thu, 02/08/2024

Author creates fantastic fiction grounded in reality

At some level, you have to write what you know, and KU faculty member Bogi Takács Perelmutter does that in their new collection of fantastical tales, titled "Power to Yield and Other Stories."
Mon, 01/08/2024

New children’s book pays tribute to Toni Morrison

Written by University of Kansas scholar Giselle Anatol, “Small-Girl Toni and the Quest for Gold” is thought to be the first children’s book inspired by the life of the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of such novels as “Beloved” and “Song of Solomon.”
Thu, 01/04/2024

Author makes case for data-driven language learning

Nina Vyatkina, professor of German and applied linguistics, is a believer in students directly using collections of word usage – corpora – to help them understand and gain fluency in their target language. The proven success of data-driven learning in acquiring the German language can be repeated with other languages and perhaps other fields, she says.
Wed, 07/31/2019

Indigenous food sovereignty examined in new book

Sustainability. Locally sourced. Farm-to-table. ...

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