Media advisory: KU professors available to speak about college affordability

Deborah Adams

William Elliott III

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LAWRENCE — Two University of Kansas professors are available to speak with media about President Barack Obama’s newly unveiled plan for college affordability and alternative ways for youths to afford college.

Deborah Adams, associate professor of social welfare, and William Elliott III, assistant professor of social welfare at KU, are both experts in establishing savings early in life to help students, especially those from low-income families, afford a college education while relying less on loans.

This morning President Obama unveiled a proposal to change financial aid regulations that would tie colleges’ eligibility for aid programs to the institutions’ role in keeping college affordable.

Adams specializes in poverty and policy studies, asset building, and social and economic development. Elliott researches economic, educational and racial disparities and social policy. Their research has shown value in establishing savings accounts early in life, determining that not only does it help reduce dependence on loans, but that students with savings accounts are six times more likely than their peers to attend and graduate from college.

To speak with Adams or Elliott, contact Mike Krings, 785-864-8860.

Fri, 01/27/2012


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