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Multiple points on a globe. Credit: Adobe illustration
A KU School of Business professor’s new research, titled “My Best Frenemy: A History-to-theory Approach to MNCs’ Corporate Diplomatic Activities,” appears in the Journal of International Business Studies.

Science and Technology

Gregory Rudnick, professor of physics & astronomy at KU, is leading a team that recently earned a $375,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study “gas content and star-formation properties of galaxies” that are altered depending on where they are moving through the cosmos.
A faculty member in the University of Kansas Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science recently received a prestigious grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to research more effective ways of using the radar spectrum.
Monarchs roost at an overwintering area in central Mexico.
Today, authorities in Mexico City announced that the size of the eastern monarch butterfly population that overwinters in Mexico is the second smallest on record. The numbers are so low that few monarchs will be seen this coming summer in many parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Health and Well-Being

A KU study of women in residential treatment for substance use disorder indicates that creating art may be an effective strategy to reduce “delay discounting.”
The researchers also determined that the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education duty hour reform introduced in 2011 provided no effect on improving physician health outcomes.
Familial Alzheimer mutations stabilize synaptotoxic γ-secretase-substrate complexes
A University of Kansas study of rare gene mutations that cause hereditary Alzheimer's disease shows these mutations disrupt production of a small sticky protein called amyloid.

Teaching, Learning and Behavior

The way people interact with the built environment can influence whether they feel comfortable in a space or if they feel they belong among people who gather there. But the people who design learning spaces and those who use them might not feel the same about them.
Promoting health equity through a racially inclusive eating disorder screening tool for pregnant and postpartum individuals, deracializing notions of settlement related to houseless encampment and other projects were selected for the 2023 KU Racial Equity Research, Scholarship & Creative Activity Awards.
A photo of Joseph R. Pearson Hall, home of KU's School of Education & Human Sciences
Two new books co-written by a University of Kansas professor examine how to move beyond the conventional measures of student-faculty interactions to consider new ways of building meaningful relationships between educators and pupils.

Arts, Architecture and Humanities

James Barnes, professor emeritus of music, has a boxed set of all nine of his symphonies, released this year by the Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra. The 70-piece group was rehearsed and performed for a month under the baton of the dean of the KU School of Music, Paul Popiel.
At some level, you have to write what you know, and KU faculty member Bogi Takács Perelmutter does that in their new collection of fantastical tales, titled "Power to Yield and Other Stories."
Portrait of Giselle Anatol standing at top of staircase.
A KU professor of English will lead the Hall Center for the Humanities, effective March 3. Giselle Anatol has led the center in an interim capacity since former director Richard Godbeer retired in fall 2022.

Business, Economics and Innovation

A KU School of Business professor’s new research, titled “My Best Frenemy: A History-to-theory Approach to MNCs’ Corporate Diplomatic Activities,” appears in the Journal of International Business Studies.
Journals from around the world have found new partnerships — sometimes an ocean away — with University of Kansas researchers and KU Libraries, allowing them to continue producing high-quality scholarship and preserve archives. More than 50 academic journals are now hosted via KU Libraries and available online.
Capitol Federal Hall with signage and grass in foreground.
For the fifth year in a row, accounting faculty at the University of Kansas School of Business earned a No. 1 global ranking for their audit archival research contributions over the past six and 12 years, according to Brigham Young University’s 2023 rankings.

Law, Politics and Society

Margaret Kelley, professor of American studies, examines the complex and often counterintuitive relationship between racism and gun ownership in a new paper. The results suggest that racism, including fear of other races, is not associated with gun ownership. However, cognitive and apathetic indicators of racism influence gun control attitudes for at least some white individuals.
Essentialist approaches to understanding domestic violence in Nepal paint the nation with a broad brush, ignoring the fact that Nepal is an incredibly diverse country, according to KU researchers.
An image of a hand operating a laptop with graphics of social media interaction, likes and social networks.
Social media has allowed citizens and community organizations to reach people much more easily while news organizations have shrunk. But a new study found news outlets still lead the way in sharing difficult information on topics like the COVID-19 pandemic.