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Tue, 06/11/2024
Theory, curriculum and what it means to be a professional educator are all at the heart of “Principles That Shape English Teacher Education,” co-edited by Heidi Hallman, professor of curriculum & teaching at KU.
Tue, 06/04/2024
Liz Langdon joined the faculty of KU's Department of Visual Art when she was 65 after an extensive career in art education. She writes of the "long hill" she has climbed and vistas yet to conquer for a chapter in a new book titled "Art Education and Creative Aging: Older Adults as Learners, Makers, and Teachers of Art."
Mon, 06/03/2024
A pair of reading camps hosted by the OASIS training clinic at KU will help struggling readers boost their skills in a fun way based on research from KU. The camps also train aspiring school psychologists in using research-based reading intervention and behavior supports.
Wed, 05/22/2024
A pair of studies examines why athletes feel authenticity is vital to their personal branding and how an athlete's personal life influences their brand, including aspects of their romantic life. The findings both better illustrate how athletes use branding to advance in their sport and the racial and gendered implications of personal life on athletes' perception by the public.
Tue, 05/21/2024
The Achievement & Assessment Institute has announced the opening of Well-Fit | Center for Youth Wellness and Fitness. The center is based on the principle that youths should be provided knowledge and skills through STEM learning and in-person programming to improve physical wellness and fitness.
Mon, 05/20/2024
Students who experienced schooling during the pandemic have multiple preferences for how they would like to have PE classes conducted. This information could help educators design classes that ensure more participation and more physical activity throughout the students’ lives.
Thu, 05/16/2024
A KU team has led the publication of a special issue of the journal Inclusion, calling for opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to be paid, equitable members of research teams. The journal includes firsthand accounts from researchers with disabilities.
Tue, 05/07/2024
A KU scholar has published an article that argues educational research should instead study antiblack aggressions as scholars originally intended and use the approach to build more equitable policy at the individual and institutional levels.
Mon, 04/29/2024
New research from the University of Kansas has found an intervention based on the science of reading and math effectively helped English language learners boost their comprehension, visualize and synthesize information, and make connections that significantly improved their math performance.
Wed, 04/24/2024
Jennifer Raff, KU associate professor of anthropology, was recently awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for her work on the history of human populations through sequencing the genomes of contemporary peoples and their ancestors.