100 undergraduate students present research

LAWRENCE — Students attending 48 colleges and universities from 27 states and abroad presented work as part of the University of Kansas Summer Undergraduate Research Poster Session, which took place July 25 at the Kansas Union.

“International research universities like KU attract undergraduate students to do research and scholarly activities in all fields, and this can especially be done well in the summer. Many times students can focus their full time attention to a research question that they further investigate while completing their undergraduate degree or in a graduate degree program,” said John Augusto, assistant vice provost for experiential learning in undergraduate studies.

One hundred students participated in the event, which is co-sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Research and the Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship. 

Presenters included students taking part in the following programs:

  • Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (K-INBRE) Scholars Program
  • McNair Scholars Program
  • Office for Diversity in Science Training programs
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Program, sponsored by CReSIS
  • National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Programs, sponsored by the following units:
  • Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS)
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering
  • Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Department of Molecular Bioscience
  • Undergraduate Research Award recipients

Students presenting their work are listed below along with their hometown, home institution, project title, faculty mentor and department:

In-state students

Allora Richey, Augusta, KU, “Associations between Proactive and Reactive Aggression and Risky Sexual Behavior among Latino Youth,” Paula Fite, Clinical Child Psychology Program

Clint Chapman, Baldwin City, Baker University, “Alkylation of Anisole using Benzyl Alcohol and Zr-KIT-6,” Bala Subramaniam, chemical & petroleum engineering

Sean Gilmore, Columbus, KU, “Interactive Book Reading to Accelerate Word Learning by Children with SLI,” Holly Storkel, speech-language-hearing

Seth Tarrant, Conway Springs, Bethel College, “Hydrogenation of Succinic Acid Using Noble Metal Catalysts,” Raghunath Chaudhari, chemical & petroleum engineering

Towne Walston, Derby, KU, “Bioactivity of Chondroitin Sulfate in Microsphere Based Tissue Engineered Scaffolds,” Michael Detamore, chemical & petroleum engineering

Benjamin Kerbs, Emporia, Emporia State University, “Speciation via Stabilization of Hybrid Recombinants in Tolpis (Asteraceae),” Daniel Crawford, ecology & evolutionary biology

Thaius Boyd, Eudora, Haskell University, “Glycosphingolipids Determine A, B, and O Blood Groups Structural Functions in Molecular Simulations,” Wonpil Im, Center for Bioinformatics, molecular biosciences

Max Bearce, Johnson City, KU, “Japanese Internment as Collective Memory: Implications on Identity and Identity-Relevant Outcomes,” Ludwin Molina, psychology

Justin Bauswell, Kansas City, Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Effect of FTDP-17 tau mutant P301L on tau aggregation,” Chris Gamblin, molecular biosciences

Elizabeth E. Brock, Kansas City, Kansas, KU, “Side Effects of Vicarious Positive Reinforcement,” Pamela L. Neidert, applied behavioral science

Carlos Fernandez, Kansas City, Kansas, KU, “Evolutionary Lag in Stage-Structured Populations with Clonal Reproduction,” Maria Orive, ecology & evolutionary biology

Krystle Neal, Kansas City, Kansas, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Glacial Striations for 1st Graders,” Cheri Hamilton, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets K-12 Education Outreach

Meredith Burke, Lawrence, KU, “Crow Funerals: Danger Learning and Facial Recognition,” Kaeli Swift, University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

Eder Dávila-Contreras, Lawrence, KU, “Characterization of Pure Lipid Bilayers Using Molecular Dynamics,” Wonpil Im, molecular biosciences, Center for Bioinformatics

Nadia Hamid, Lawrence, KU, “Exploring the Role of Lysosomal Trapping in Defining the Duration of Action of Beta 2-agonists Used in the Treatment of COPD and Asthma,” Jeff Krise, pharmaceutical chemistry

Alexandria Kimball, Lawrence, Haskell Indian Nations University, “NMDA Receptor-Dependent Long-term Potentiation (LTP) in the Hippocampal CA1-CA1 Region of the Mammalian Brain,” Shirley Yan, pharmacology & toxicology

Jordan Koch, Lawrence, KU, “Calculating Probabilities of Parsimony-Uninformative Patterns on Phylogenetic Trees,” Mark Holder, ecology & evolutionary biology

Felipe Machini, Lawrence, KU, “Modeling of Environmental Uplifts and Thermals for Soaring Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” Shawn Keshmiri, aerospace engineering

Kristin Miller, Leawood, KU, “Increasing Child Compliance with Essential Routine Procedures: Acquisition, Generalization, & Maintenance,” Pamela L. Neidert, applied behavioral science

Connor Bowman, Lenexa, KU, “Molecular Cancer Therapy Modulating Autophagy,” Liang Xu, molecular biosciences

Kathryn O'Nele, Lenexa, KU, “Palladium and Iridium Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation via Radical Decarboxylation,” Jon Tunge, chemistry

Adebayo Braimah, Liberal, KU, “Dye-Protein Investigation with Circularly Polarized Light,” Carey Johnson, chemistry

Thomas Anneberg, Manhattan, KU, “I Got You Babe: Analyzing the Courtship Duet of Drosophila americana,” Jennifer Gleason, ecology & evolutionary biology

James Noonan, Manhattan, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis,” Teruna Siahaan, pharmaceutical chemistry

Dylan Jantz, Newton, Bethel College, “Exploring Coconut as a Biodiesel Additive,” Edward Peltier, civil, environmental & architectural engineering

Mark LaFollette, Olathe, KU, “A Study of Hydrothermal Liquefaction Using Waste Water Algae and Marine Micro Algae,” Susan Stagg-Williams, chemical & petroleum engineering

Kathryn Lasseter, Olathe, Grinnell College, “Effect of RNAi-sensitive Caenorhabditis elegans strains rrf-3 and eri-1 in exc RNAi trials,” Matthew Buechner, molecular biosciences

Dylan Smith, Olathe, KU, “Preserving North Korean Culture in a Unified Korea,” Felix Moos, anthropology

Kristen Carr, Overland Park, KU, “The Role of Clp Proteases in the Stress Response of Enterococcus faecalis,” Lynn Hancock, molecular biosciences

Ryan Limbocker, Overland Park, KU, “Characterizing Mechanisms of Dopamine Regulation in Post-chemotherapy Cognitive Impairment Using Fast-scan Cyclic Voltammetry in Carboplatin Treated Rats,” Michael Johnson, chemistry

Mitchell Newton, Overland Park, KU, “Utilizing Microdialysis and Electorcortiography to Understand Brain Seizure Activity,” Craig Lunte, chemistry

Joseph Greenbaum, Prairie Village, KU, “Crosstalk and the Evolvability of Intracellular Communication,” Eric Deeds, molecular biosciences, Center for Bioinformatics

Jason Jones, Salina, KU, “Predicting Erosional Effects of the Tidal Influence on Sapelo Island, GA from Archival Imagery and GPS Tracking,” Brad Willamson, UKanTeach, Kelsey Bitting, geology

Megan Woods, Tonganoxie, University of Saint Mary, “The Role of Rgg Family Proteins in Biofilm Development in Enterococcus faecalis,” Lynn Hancock, molecular biosciences

Cameron Arnold, Topeka, KU, “Measuring Rheological Properties of CO2 Foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery,” Reza Barati, chemical & petroleum engineering

Montana Barnes, Wellsville, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Physiological Functioning of White Ash Trees among Ten Populations across a Large Precipitation Gradient in a Common Garden,” Joy Ward, ecology & evolutionary biology

Kimberly Cole, Wichita, KU, “The Differences between the Knee Lowest Point Translations of Three Simulated Walking Profiles,” Lorin Maletsky, mechanical engineering

Andrea Livingston, Wichita, KU, “Lipid Monolayer Compression Isotherms for Characterization of Adjuvant Mechanism of Action,” Cory Berkland, pharmaceutical chemistry


Out-of-state and international students


Chelsea Burgess, Winslow, Arizona, Haskell Indian Nation University, “Tracing the Past: Investigating Current and Ancestral Body Shape Evolution in Deep-Sea Dragonfishes (Stomiiformes),” Leo Smith, ecology & evolutionary biology


Javier Molina Duran, Modesto, California, California State University Stanislaus, “Purification, Activity and Crystallization of the First  Module of PvdJ, a Non-ribosomal Peptide Synthetase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa,” Audrey Lamb, molecular biosciences

Nicholas Riqueros, San Jose, California, The Pennsylvania State University, “Analysis of Near-Surface Snow Radar Internal Layer Patterns and Accumulation Rate in the Siple Coast Region,” David Braaten, Geography, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

Jacquelynne Vaughan, Bakersfield, California, University of California-Los Angeles, “Design and Construction of a Driver Circuit for a T/R Switch in Ice Penetrating Radar Systems,” Fernando Rodriguez-Morales, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets,  electrical engineering and computer science

Lei Wei, Brentwood, California, Wellesley College, “Clonal Interference: Combining Multiple Loci and Varying Beneficial Mutation Effects,” Maria Orive, ecology & evolutionary biology


Luanne Hale, Northglenn, Colorado, KU, “Effects of Sensory Modalities on Mating Success in the Drosophila neocordata and Drosophila austrosaltans,” Jennifer Gleason, ecology & evolutionary biology


Brendan Niles, Hollywood, Florida, University of Florida, “Hydrogen-Assisted Soybean Biodiesel Performance And Exhaust Emissions In A Single-Cylinder Compression Ignition Engine,” Christopher Depcik, mechanical engineering


Alyssa Cobbs, Ellenwood, Georgia, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, “Expression, Purification and Characterization of the EC1 domain of VE-cadherin,” Teruna Siahaan, Pharmaceutical chemistry


Paul Calio, Peoria, Illinois, Bradley University, “Dynamics Study of the Resorcin[4]arene Supramolecular Assembly,” Ward Thompson, chemistry

Rachel Lietz, Aurora, Illinois, KU, “Mutagenesis and Protein Purification of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa BfrB T136L,” Mario Rivera, chemistry


Sarah Fantin, Columbus, Indiana, University of Indianapolis, “Using Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry to Quantify Serotonin Release in Huntington’s Disease Model Mice,” Michael Johnson, chemistry


Malcolm Squire, Ames, Iowa, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, “Calcium Variance in Algal Growth Media for Hydroxyapatite Yield via Hydrothermal Liquefaction,” Belinda Sturm, civil, environmental and architectural engineering


Tarnuma Tabassum, South Hadley, Massachusetts, Mount Holyoke College, “Determination of Intracellular Unbound Fraction of Lovastatin in HepaRG cells,” Zhuo (Michael) Wang, pharmaceutical chemistry


Jager Hartman, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Western Michigan University, “Site-Specific Biotinylations of Fc Receptors,” Thomas Tolbert, pharmaceutical chemistry

Alayna Mead, Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Auburn University, “Understanding evolution of hummingbird pollination in Penstemon through phylogenetic analysis and the development of flower shape,” Lena Hileman, ecology & evolutionary biology


Constance Anderson, Andover, Minnesota State University Moorhead, “Thiourea Hydrogen-Bond Donors to Promote the Reductive Heck Reaction,” Jon Tunge, chemistry

Taylor Atkinson, Owatonna, Minnesota, KU, “Click, Click, Cyclize: Amino Ester-Derived β-Ketosultams via Dieckmann Cyclization of the Corresponding Methylsulfonamides,” Paul Hanson, chemistry


Anne Marie DeLee, McComb, Mississippi, The University of Mississippi, “Rapid Screening of Bimetallic Catalyst Composition Arrays for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction,” Kevin Leonard, chemical & petroleum engineering

Kalyx McDonald, Moss Point, Mississippi, Mississippi Valley State University, “Using a MATLAB/Photoshop Interface to Enhance Image Processing in the Interpretation of Radar Imagery,” John Paden, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets


Chantel Bernard, Kansas City, Missouri, Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley, “Identifying and Characterizing Nuclear Microsatellites Using the Sunflower Genus Tolpis,” Mark Mort, ecology & evolutionary biology

Anna Diepenbrock, Bolivar, Missouri, College of the Ozarks, “C-Arylation Methods to a Library of Covalent Modifiers,” Paul Hanson, chemistry

Kent Keene, Pineville, Missouri, Southeast Missouri State University, “Assessing Habitat Restoration through Comparison of Leafhopper Fauna between Remnant and Restored Prairies,” Helen Alexander, ecology & evolutionary biology

Kevin Knight, Ballwin, Missouri, Missouri Baptist University, “NMR Assignment of SipD from the Salmonella Type III Secretion System,” Roberto De Guzman, molecular biosciences

Darien Morrow, St. Joseph, Missouri, Missouri Western State University, “Kinetics and Dynamics of the Photorearrangements of Conjugated Thiophenes,” Christopher Elles, chemistry

Thomas O'Connor, Smithville, Missouri, Vassar College, “Quinone Promoted Carbon-Carbon Bond Cleavage,” Michael Clift, chemistry

Sadie Rhoads, Kansas City, Missouri, Metropolitan Community College - Penn Valley, “Why do Zaprionus indianus Females Shake Violently at Males? An Examination of Mating Behavior,” Jennifer Gleason, ecology & evolutionary biology

Brittany Sanders, Springfield, Missouri, Drury University, “Comparison of Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Rates of Protein Fragments by Mass Spectrometry with Individual Residues by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,” David Weis, chemistry

Scott Sapp, Independence, Missouri, KU, “Raising Fruit Flies at Low Temperatures Affects Adult Mating Performance,” Jennifer Gleason, ecology & evolutionary biology

Shayan Sazdar, Chesterfield, Missouri, Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Investigation of biochar calcium orthophosphates from algal hydrothermal liquefaction for tissue engineering applications,” Susan Stagg-Williams, chemical & petroleum engineering


Jacob Stops, Billings, Montana, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) Fungi and Plant Mutualistic Interactions,” Ben Sikes, ecology & evolutionary biology, Kansas Biological Survey


Austin Peterson, Hooper, Nebraska, University of Nebraska at Omaha, “Gene Expression Profiles of Drosophila Brains Exposed to Xenobiotics,” Stuart Macdonald, molecular biosciences

Paige Skillett, Lincoln, Nebraska, Hastings College, “Developing a microchip electrophoresis method using HKGreen-3 to determine the concentration of peroxynitrite in macrophage cells,” Susan Lunte, chemistry

New Jersey

Tim Licknack, Toms River, New Jersey, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, “Functional and Structural Characterization of Small Molecule Binding on Designed Allosteric Pocket,” John Karanicolas, molecular biosciences, Center for Bioinformatics

Ryan McDonough, Oradell, New Jersey, University of Delaware, “Effects of CO2 Solubility on Cellulose Precipitation from IL/co-solvent Systems,” Aaron Scurto, chemical & petroleum engineering

New Mexico

Jessica Van Loben Sels, Albuquerque, KU, “Roles of HSV-1's Infected Cell Protein 0 in the Impairment of the Interferon-Beta Response,” David Davido, molecular biosciences

New York

Catherine Chen, Flushing, New York, Duke University, “The role of stereotyped display behavior in speciation in the lizard Anolis distichus,” Richard Glor, ecology & evolutionary biology, Biodiversity Institute &  Natural History Museum

Julie Hess, Camillus, New York, Syracuse University, “Catalysis Study for Ethylene Epoxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide,” Bala Subramaniam, chemical & petroleum engineering

Joshua Jachuck, Slingerlands, New York, University of Rochester, “Modeling the Effects of Biodiesel Composition on Engine Emissions,” Edward Peltier, civil, environmental & architectural engineering

Rosemary Leone, Scotia, New York, Colorado School of Mines, “Integration of Ice Core and Radar Data of the North East Greenland Ice Stream,” John Paden, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

North Carolina

Alicia Reynolds, Havelock, North Carolina, Elizabeth City State University, “Utilizing ArcGIS In Education to Map a Glacier and its Changes Over Time,” Leigh Stearns and Cheri Hamilton, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets


Kathryn Miltner, Hudson, Ohio, Ohio Northern University, “Evaluation of α-Keto Malonic Acid as a Peroxide Scavenger,” Valentino Stella, pharmaceutical chemistry

Jonathon Sens, Marion, Ohio, KU, “Development of a Capillary Electrophoresis Method to Analyze Catecholamines and Amino Acids,” Craig Lunte, chemistry


Jacob Dixon, Vernonia, Oregon, Haskell Indian Nations University, “Distribution and Species Richness Modeling of the Water Scavenger Beetle Genus Tropisternus in Northeastern South America (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae),” Andrew Short, ecology & evolutionary biology, Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum


Katie Legenski, Blandon, Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania State University, “Testing the Applicability of Laboratory-Developed Algal Growth Models under Environmental Conditions,” Belinda Sturm, Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering

South Dakota

Carl Lehmann, Freeman, South Dakota, Bethel College, “Utilizing a Mouse Model to Study the Regulatory Role of Musashi 1 in Wnt and Notch Pathways in Intestinal Epithelium,” Kristi Neufeld, molecular biosciences


Steven Whitfield, Fort Worth, Texas, Haskell Indian Nations University, “The Consequences of Sea Level Rise on Metropolitan Coastal Cities in America,” Cheri Hamilton, Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets K-12 Education Outreach

Alex Matlock, Pflugerville, Texas, KU, “Genetic Control of Tissue-specific Growth in the Larval Trachea of Drosophila,” Robert Ward, molecular biosciences

Ruben Medina, San Antonio, KU, “Youngsters’ Perceptions of the Motivational Climate in Their Recreational Exercise Classes,” Mary Fry, health, sport, and exercise sciences


Margaret Stratton, Bristol, Vermont, Tufts University, “Identifying Putative W Chromosome Genes in the Tobacco Hornworm Moth (Manduca sexta),” James Walters, ecology & evolutionary biology


Trevor Bennin, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Northland College, “Nucleophilic [4+4] Cyclodimerization of Cyclopropenylmethanol Derivatives to 4,9-Disubstituted-2,7-Dioxatricyclodecanes,” Michael Rubin, chemistry

Britta Heiss, Beloit, Wisconsin, Carroll University, “DNA Bending by RhaS and its Role in Transcription Activation and Auto-regulation,” Susan Egan, molecular biosciences.


Stephen Foley, Carlow, Ireland, Dublin City University, Dublin, “Post-translational Modification of Snail1 by LOXL2,” Minae Mure, chemistry

Zorimar Garayalde Batista, Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, Universidad Metropolitana, “Developing a System to Study Asymmetry of Wnt Signaling Components in Intestinal Epithelial cells,” Kristi Neufeld, molecular biosciences.

Selina Ortiz-Piccard, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, University of Puerto Rico Humacao, "Synthesis of 2-phenoxy-4-hydroxyacetophenone," Richard Givens, chemistry.

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