The Commons announces Red Hot Research dates for spring 2018

LAWRENCE — This spring marks the 12th semester of Red Hot Research at KU. This series for KU researchers features five short presentations from across the university in an effort to share work among colleagues. Through this series, 218 faculty members and 20 graduate students have shared their research. 

The first event will take place at 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 9, at The Commons. It is based loosely on the theme of “Representation/Participation” in conjunction with the current flag installed as part of the “Pledges of Allegiance” public art project, hosted in conjunction with the Spencer Museum of Art, outside of Spooner Hall. 

In keeping with the goals of this series, presenters are asked to consider how other disciplinary perspectives could contribute to their research; the likely next steps for the research; and challenges that they face in conducting the research. In turn, audience members are asked to, from their own perspectives, offer insights, questions and ideas.
Upcoming Red Hot Research events are listed below. All will take place at 4 p.m. at The Commons.

Feb. 9: Representation/Participation 

Presenters: Genelle Belmas, associate professor, journalism; Tanya Hartman, associate professor, visual art; Dave Tell, associate professor, communication studies; Kimber Richter, professor, preventive medicine & public health; and Maria Orive, associate professor, ecology & evolutionary biology.

Feb. 23: Graduate Research

Presenters: Anna Klompen, ecology & evolutionary biology: “Diversity of Jellyfish Venoms"; Igor Ristić, communication studies; “Experiencing Culture Shock? Watch TV”; Nicholas Natchoo, curriculum & teaching, “Creolizing the Curriculum”; Brian Trump, history, “Narratives of Sexual Violence,” and Alysha Griffin, theatre, “Richard B. Harrison Before Broadway.”

March 2: People, Land, Power

March 30: Graduate Research

April 6: Fear & Response

April 27: Science & Fiction.

Tue, 02/06/2018


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