KU Public Safety Office releases 2017 crime statistics

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LAWRENCE —The University of Kansas Lawrence campus saw a 13 percent decrease in crime in 2017, KU’s Public Safety Office announced today with the annual release of its crime statistics.

The Public Safety Office handled 671 criminal offenses during 2017, down from 770 in 2016.

Theft is historically the most reported crime on campus. The number of thefts reported dropped from 213 in 2016 to 156 in 2017.

University administration, the Public Safety Office and the university community continue to work together to decrease crime on campus. Ongoing efforts include the use of security technology on campus, such as cameras.

In addition, more police and security officers were added to the Public Safety Office in 2017. 

“The campus community saw more police and security officers on foot patrol,’’ said Chief of Police Chris Keary. “The added visibility of officers on campus helped people feel safer, but conversations with those officers also helped the community understand their role in safety and crime prevention.”

The KU Public Safety Office provides year-round law enforcement, security, emergency communications and emergency management for the Lawrence campus community.

A complete list of all offenses reported to the department from 2008 to 2017 can be found online.

Fri, 03/02/2018


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