Fall series will expand dialogue on reproductive justice

LAWRENCE — Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson on June 24, discussions around the globe have targeted the unknown future of reproductive rights in the United States. Through a series of discussions, each featuring a panel of speakers from diverse fields, University of Kansas researchers will gather to further inform the conversation.

This fall, The Commons will host a series of discussions that highlight the complexities of reproductive justice. The considerations surrounding legislation on reproductive rights often appear on ballots reduced to binary decisions, which obscure the many and layered contexts within which they exist. This series will draw upon the knowledge of researchers and practitioners across areas of study and service, to help inform audiences about the roots and ramifications of present-day discussions around reproductive rights.

Alesha Doan, professor of women, gender & sexuality studies and of public affairs & administration, is co-leading the event series with Emily Ryan, director of The Commons.

“We can expect to see abortion rights political battles unfold for the foreseeable future,” Doan said. “As they develop, the legal chaos and public health crisis created by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision will continue to affect thousands of people who no longer have agency and autonomy to chart the course of their reproductive lives.”

This series offers information so that all attendees will be more informed about current regulations across geographic areas, ongoing political action appearing in local, regional and national efforts, and new effects of legislation.

“As we know, research is constantly influencing and influenced by public decision and behavior,” Ryan said. “Researchers and centers across KU’s campuses are working to ensure that accurate information is conveyed to public audiences as well as to policymakers. To that end, this series of events aims to bring together some of the many perspectives that are informing our understanding of reproductive health care in the 21st century.”

In addition to presentations from researchers in disciplines from across the university, the events will include information about resources specific to students at KU.

The first event will take place at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 6, and discussion will be framed around “Kansas and the Region in Broader Context.” Presenters include:

  • Alesha Doan
  • Don Haider-Markel, professor of political science
  • Sarah Kessler, associate professor of family medicine & community health, KU Medical Center
  • Sam Brody, associate professor of religious studies
  • Rachel Gadd-Nelson, health educator, Health Education Resource Office
  • Nikita Haynie, director of the Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equity

The second event will take place at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 12, and discussion will be framed around “Impact and Access Across Populations.”

Events will be offered online and are open to the public.

Thu, 09/01/2022


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