KU to honor 2023 faculty and academic staff retirees

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas will honor retiring faculty and academic staff members and their guests with a lunch later this month. Chancellor Douglas A. Girod and Barbara Bichelmeyer, provost and executive vice chancellor, will recognize the employees during the private event.

For more information, contact Melissa Rhodes at mrhodes5@ku.edu.

  • Helen Alexander, professor of ecology & evolutionary biology, 35 years
  • Mahasweta Banerjee, professor of social welfare, 31 years
  • Janis Ann Bulgren, research professor for the Center for Research on Learning, 41 years
  • Joyce Castle, University Distinguished Professor of Voice, 22 years
  • Dorice Elliott, professor of English, 27 years
  • Liz Kowalchuk, associate professor of visual art, 28 years
  • Madison Lacy, associate professor of film & media studies, 17 years
  • Tamara Coder Mikinski, lecturer in educational psychology, 21 years
  • Steven Maynard-Moody, professor of public affairs & administration, 41 years
  • Rosemary O’Leary, Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration, 10 years
  • Suzanne Marie Robinson, associate professor of special education, 40 years
  • Brian Rock, associate professor of civil, environmental & architectural engineering, 30 years
  • Ken Ross, lecturer in business, five years
  • Rebecca Schulte, KU Libraries, 37 years
  • Prakash Shenoy, Ronald G. Harper Distinguished Professor of Artificial Intelligence, 45 years
  • Laurence Weatherley, Albert P. Learned Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, 19 years.

Thu, 05/18/2023



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