KU Legal Aid Clinic, community partners to host criminal record expungement clinic

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas School of Law’s Legal Aid Clinic will host a Clean Slate Criminal Record Expungement Clinic this spring in partnership with the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office and Lawrence Public Library. The clinic will take place in person from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Feb. 12 in the library’s auditorium, 707 Vermont St.

“As a public library, we understand that knowledge is power and helps people thrive,” said Marc Veloz, library community resource specialist. “We see it as part of our mission to work closely with partner organizations like KU Legal Aid Clinic and the Douglas County DA’s Office to host these types of outreach events to help community members master the network of existing resources that can help them live their best lives.”

Expungement seals an arrest record, diversion or conviction from public view, with certain exceptions. The Legal Aid Clinic will provide free legal representation to eligible individuals seeking to expunge records in Douglas County District Court and/or Lawrence Municipal Court.

“We are always grateful to have a hand in this event that serves as a catalyst for change for so many,” District Attorney Suzanne Valdez said. “It’s a privilege to help people shed the weight of a criminal record and unlock opportunities.”

The clinic can accept clients with income up to 250% of the federal poverty level. Clients who qualify for Legal Aid Clinic representation but who do not qualify for a waiver of the court’s per-case filing fee will need to pay that court fee, but no attorney’s fees, if they are eligible for services.

After the intake clinic day at the library, clients will need to attend one additional appointment and any required court hearings with their Legal Aid attorney.

“Criminal records impose so many barriers for individuals – in employment, housing and education – long after they have served their sentence,” said Meredith Schnug, associate director of the Legal Aid Clinic. “Expungement is an important legal remedy for people to move beyond their past mistakes. The Legal Aid Clinic is excited to partner with the Lawrence Public Library and the Douglas County Attorney’s Office to offer this expungement clinic and the opportunity for a fresh start.”

For any questions regarding the clinic and expungement eligibility, contact the Legal Aid Clinic at 785-864-5564.

Wed, 01/24/2024


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