Audio-Reader, The Lied Center of Kansas partner for 'Tetris' to offer a unique dance experience with live audio description

LAWRENCE — On April 5, the Lied Center of Kansas will present a one-of-a-kind, acrobatic dance show for the whole family. Experience “Tetris,” featuring gravity-defying, physical combinations of movement. The show begins at 7 p.m. with a pre-show reception hosted by Audio-Reader at 6 p.m. in the Seymour Gallery, where patrons can learn more about audio description, handle tactile “Tetris”-themed toys and enjoy light snacks before the main event.

In a time when social connection and the need to feel accepted is so important, especially for children and teens, “Tetris” features relatable themes including staying true to ourselves as we seek to fit in with groups. Inspired by the addictive puzzle game and the twists and turns of a Rubik’s Cube, “Tetris” has performers fitting, merging, stacking and combining in various feats, and Audio-Reader, based at the University of Kansas, will be there every step of the way helping patrons with visual and learning disabilities engage with the show through live audio description.

According to director and choreographer Erik Kaiel, “none of the more than 1,000 performances of “Tetris” have been exactly alike.” During “Tetris,” performers ask the audience for assistance, and that can alter the interactions and additions to the show.

“This type of unique dance experience is a great way to learn more about audio description because the trained describer has no script to read from or exact expectations for what will happen during the show,” said Nick Carswell, program director for Audio-Reader.

People who might benefit from audio description will be given a special headset and headphones tuned to the describer’s closed network, according to Carswell. The describer will read the program, describe the stage and costumes, and set the scene before the show. Then, throughout the show, they will add context and information between the performers’ lines.

“Tetris” is performed by the production company Arch8. According to its website, the company has performed around the world, including sites such as St. Petersburg, Cairo, New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and throughout Europe.

Audio-Reader fosters independence by providing access to information and the arts for people who have difficulty reading standard print due to vision loss, physical or learning disability, mobility challenges, and age. Audio description is one of the many ways they share the gift of sight through sound. Learn more about supporting Audio-Reader’s mission, find details about their upcoming Audio Equipment Drive or contact Audio-Reader’s development team by email.

 Tickets are available through the Lied Center’s Box Office or call 785-864-2787.

Fri, 03/29/2024


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