New wind farm helps KU offset electricity needs with renewable energy

LAWRENCE — A new wind farm that came online in northern Kansas this month is helping the University of Kansas meet its sustainability goal of offsetting carbon emissions with energy from renewable sources.

KU’s participation in Evergy’s Renewables Direct program supported construction of the Soldier Creek Wind Farm in Nemaha County. The 300-megawatt (MW) wind farm with 121 turbines is now producing power.  

The 20-year commitment KU signed with Evergy in October 2018 provides the university with a stable, affordable electricity rate for the Lawrence campus, with expected cost savings of $250,000 to $350,000 annually.

“Renewables Direct furthers the university’s commitment to sustainability by supporting Kansas wind energy,” said KU Center for Sustainability Director Jeff Severin. “Our participation in the program encourages growth of clean energy and shows our support for modernizing how electricity is produced.”

Renewables Direct allows commercial and industrial customers to offset some or all of their energy usage through a renewable resource. The program provides large customers a path toward their sustainability goals with renewable energy, while providing long-term price stability and cost savings. As new customers enroll in the program, Evergy expands its renewable energy sources to serve them and help them meet their sustainability goals.

Commercial and industrial customers who use at least 200 kilowatts (kW) a month and who are interested in the program can sign up for offsets in 200 kW increments up to 1 MW. Offsets are purchased in 500 kW increments thereafter. Participants sign an agreement lasting five, 10, 15 or 20 years, and the cost of the energy produced through the program is expected to be cheaper than energy produced by burning fossil fuels.

“I congratulate the University of Kansas for advancing its sustainability goals by supporting renewable electricity from wind,” said Jeff Martin, Evergy vice president, community and customer operations. “KU’s commitment helps grow wind development in our area, demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, drives investment in local communities and creates green jobs.”

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Fri, 11/27/2020


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