University announces December 2023 Employees of the Month

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has announced Employees of the Month for December 2023. These staff members have made outstanding contributions to the KU Lawrence community.

Winners of the Employee of the Month awards receive the following:

  • A surprise visit from the provost or her designee
  • A certificate of award
  • A biography featured in KU Today
  • A $750 gross monetary award.

Nominate an employee for this award by completing and submitting the online or paper Employee of the Month nomination form and returning it to HRM by email or fax to 785-864-5790. More information is available here.

December 2023 honorees

Name: Jaclyn Carpenter

Title: Education program coordinator, Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center

Jacyln Carpenter
Jaclyn Carpenter

Jaclyn Carpenter has worked in her current position for almost two years now, but she has been employed at the University of Kansas for more than four years in various roles. She coordinates all universal sexual violence primary prevention programming for KU undergraduate students. Her position is not an easy one, but Carpenter educates the university with grace and kindness, approaching every complex situation with consideration from all perspectives. Carpenter is committed and dedicated to changing the culture and climate at KU for the better.

Carpenter planned, organized and executed the 2023 Jayhawks Give a Flock (JGAF) program, an event to educate students on intervention and prevention of sexual violence. As described on the KU website, “Jayhawks Give a Flock will be the largest evidence-based bystander event in the country … This program focuses on skills such as understanding appropriate levels of intervention, being mindful of personal safety and different personal options bystanders have depending on the nature of the situations.” This event supported the largest incoming freshman class in KU’s history (4,700-plus student participants, about 91% of the incoming class without transfer students), and Carpenter recruited and trained 250 people from across campus and the community to execute the event, the largest group of volunteers for any KU program thus far. Carpenter’s efforts toward accomplishing this event is what led to her employee of the month nomination, and she is also said to stand out from her peers with her ability to maintain optimism and empower those around her to take ownership of their roles in this program.

In the words of her supervisor, Carpenter “… is not only a star, but she consistently performs at a level beyond expectations – not only for JGAF, but for her entire role. She is rock solid and can be depended on to successfully execute the task at hand with thoughtfulness and accuracy… I’ve never supervised someone with such a robust talent for multitasking and vision implementation. She is truly one of a kind.”

Name: Angie Edwinson

Title: Parking officer, KU Transportation Services

Angie Edwinson, KU Transportation Services
Angie Edwinson

Angie Edwinson has worked in her current role for about six years. She is responsible for visiting lots on the Lawrence campus and ticketing vehicles that are in violation. As an officer, she also helps put up barricades and signs for events and helps cover the information booths on campus. Edwinson started as a temporary worker and was noted as being reliable, kind and fun. When a full-time officer position opened, the department reached out to her to see if she would be interested because she gets along so well with everyone she meets and is such a hard worker. Edwinson’s previous leadership experience helps her evaluate what needs to be accomplished so she can delegate or offer coverage to ensure tasks in the field are completed, and her peers rely on her extensive knowledge.

Edwinson is known to be a dedicated and hard worker with a great work ethic and a friendly demeanor. She always offers to help when additional staffing is needed or when someone is unable to work. Edwinson has covered summer orientations, ensured there is break coverage at information booths when someone is out, and she was the first person from the staff to volunteer to help with the 2022 KU championship parade. She is never shy about coming to her supervisor or director with ideas when she sees that things can be done better in the field, and she is always wanting to learn new things and help the department however can. Edwinson pays close attention while in the field and reports potholes, debris or other obstacles she comes across so that a work order can be initiated, and campus safety and upkeep is maintained.

Edwinson’s peers have many great things to say about her. The director of the department says that she “…is an all-around great employee. She goes out of her way to help people when she sees they need help.” Edwinson supervisor says she is “… one of the most kind and generous people I have met. She supports her co-workers and our students. She has built many friendships inside our department but also in other departments ... There’s no team without Angie.” Her co-worker also says, “She definitely personifies the best of her department. She is always happy and a pleasure to be around.”